A tropically inspired collection of clothing, accessories, and gifts curated in Hawai’i.

lei makes tropically inspired collections of clothes,  accessories, beauty products, home decor, and gift items using exclusive prints with local artists. lei palm is a brand that inspires and engages the community around the love of art and the beautiful lifestyle of Hawaii.

Effortless. Elegant. Exceptional.
She holds major client meetings as easily as she holds her happy hour cocktail, balancing contemporary style with creative flair. Whenever she jets off on a work trip, she is sure to leave room in her suitcase for the unexpected. Lei is intuitive, expressive, radiant, and imaginative, always painting her world with a colorful palette.

Lei. Fragrant, romantic, powerful. Best known as the signature garland of Hawaii, Lei is also the female pronoun, she, in the Italian language. Lei embodies the empowered feminine: a style that is both soft and strong.
Palm. A symbol of power, prosperity, and victory, the tropical palm is also the idyllic representation of leisure and self-care. It is the delicate place on your hand where futures can be told, as well as a welcomed respite from the sun.