Punky Aloha

What is your earliest memory of art/creating?
My mother is a fantastic painter and I grew up following around in her art classes at WCC. My earliest memories of art are going to her life drawing classes as a little 4-year-old, and being put on a drawing bench with a newsprint pad and some crayons while everyone was drawing from the model. I don't think there has ever been a time that art has not been a heavy influence in my life, and there was never a time I was without it.

Where do you find your inspiration from?
I draw my inspiration from so many different places. I am always looking back to the mid-century art and the art nouveau movements, as well as finding inspiration from current illustrators and designers. It's all a balance. And it all leads back to expressing my point of view and visually celebrating my experiences growing up in such a special place. Telling that story through shapes, color, and personality!

How does Hawaii impact your creative process & artwork?
Hawaii is woven into the fabric of my DNA. It is in everything I do and always has been. I think growing up in such a unique environment, with incredible landscapes, surrounded by the vibrant color palette of the islands, has really influenced the visual language I use when I'm designing.

It's happy hour somewhere--which cocktail (existing or your own creation) best evokes your art style.
Mai Tai. Definitely a Mai Tai. It feels like a throwback drink to the golden age of Waikiki, but it's still current. It's got that bright golden color from the tropical fruit juices and that beautiful rich chocolate brown float from the dark rum. Garnish that beauty with a slice of pineapple and it's basically Punky Aloha on ice.

What piece are you most excited to see your work on in the Fall/Winter line?
There will never be a time when I am not excited to see my artwork meet functionality and fashion, so of course, I'm excited to see it on everything! But I'm really excited to see my Punky Aloha girls on the adorable canvas totes! I saw the totes and they are incredible!! Super high quality and decorated with my sassy local girls!!

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