Leanna Wolff

What is your earliest memory of art/creating?
Nearly all of my earliest memories are of creating art. As a child my absolute favorite thing to do was go to a craft store and get art or craft supplies for a new project. It was just something I loved to do. When I was 6, my grandmother unbeknownst to me entered one of my drawings into a contest with children up to age 12 and I won first place and was awarded $75 which seemed like a fortune to me. It wasn't until that moment that I realized I had an actual talent that perhaps differed from others.

Where do you find your inspiration from?
Water. Nature. Organic lines, inconceivable textures, and the impossible way to define how it makes you feel. This has expanded to include the way my art has visibly impacted others, and the joy they get when they view my work is so often the reason I am able to push past that daunting blank canvas, or paint long hours into the night.


How does Hawaii impact your creative process & artwork?
The places which I find most inspirational are accessible at my fingertips here at all moments in the day. I can be up in the mountains or in teal blue water that soothes and dances around me...and then back to work in the studio in the same hour. These beautiful islands have a mana or creative source of energy all on their own and when you tune into it, it can flow through you easier than anything you can imagine. The other part that I believe has made my work successful here, is that people who share those moments in nature, feel a similar connection to my work. So bringing a piece of that with them, whether they are on vacation or local, my art has given them access to those moments while in the comfort of their own home.
It's happy hour somewhere--which cocktail (existing or your own creation) best evokes your art style.
Vodka, clean and pure, effervescence (club soda), fresh mint for an earthy element, muddled guava for a touch of sweetness, and a squeeze of citrus for that final layer that surprises you.


What piece are you most excited to see your work on in the Fall/Winter line?
Swim suits!!! That has long been a dream of mine and I believe is the perfect embodiment of my water based work.


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